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SR100 half mask

Three sizes fit all

It is important to select a mask that fits well, for the sake of both protection level and comfort.

The human face comes in all shapes and sizes, often governed by gender, ethnicity, body size and other factors such as dentures. This is why Sundström added an extra-large model to its existing small/medium and medium/large SR100 masks. All sizes of the SR100 are made of soft silicone, making the respirator suitable for work in hot, wet and dusty environments. The new extra-large respirator uses the same filters, valves, harness and spare parts as the smaller models. 

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New modular respirator

SR900: multiple connections

SR 900 is a completely new system where the user can easily customise the product based on site requirement and needs. The respirator can be easily configured for filters, PAPR, supplied air, as well as a remote filter holder mounted on the waist belt.

WELDERS: The remote filter holder lets you wear a respirator under your welding shield AND breathe clean filtered air from behind your back.

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Free training app!

Get our brand-new training app for your favourite device

Our new exciting training resource, available on your SmartPhone, tablet, phablet, laptop, notebook, desktop, giant plasma screen — you name it! Handouts, PowerPoint, videos, YouTube clips — the whole gamut of interactive training material. For now, all Sundström products, and much more coming! Get the App for your electronic device right here!

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