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The Sundström SR500 and SR500ex Powered Air-Purifying Respirators offer protection from a host of gases and particles

— Two speeds (175 and 240 l/min) 
— SR500ex model is certified as intrinsically safe 
— Supplied with 2 filters/filter combinations
— Long operating time
— Single control for on, off and operating status
— Automatic air flow control
— SR500 may be used with Sundström hoods, face shields or full face masks
— SR500ex may be used with hoods (SR520, SR530, SR561, SR562), shield SR540ex, or full face mask SR200

Check out Sundström SR500 and SR500ex PAPR —>

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Particular action

The Sundström SR700 PAPR is a conventient way to obtain powerful particle protection

— PAPR for particles only
— Two speeds (175 or 225 l/min)
— Light weight – only 1.1 kg with battery and filters
— Lithium-ion battery with a useful life of 500 recharging cycles
— Battery recharge time: approximately 2 h
— Supplied with 2 high-efficiency particle filters
— Operating time up to 8 h
— Single control for on, off and operating status
— Automatic air flow control
— Used with hoods, shields or full face masks

More about the SR700 particle PAPR —>

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Air goes to your head

Sundström hoods, shields and visors connect to the SR500 or SR700 fan units, as well as fixed supplied air systems

— Many styles and designs
— Soft and hard headpieces
— Several models are intrinsically safe for use with SR500ex
— Connect to PAPR or fixed airline

Select the head tops that interest you —>

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Suits Me Fine

See all the basics on Trellchem protective suits unfold before your eyes in this video clip

In just 2.5 minutes you can learn a lot about Trellchem's renowned protective suits. Find out about designs, materials, seams, layers, zippers, visors and many other features.

Watch the video —>

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