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Silicone Full Face Mask

The Sundstrom SR200 full face respirator lends itself to several connections and many uses

— Silicone material
— Single-action fabric harness (rubber also available)
— All Sundstrom gas and particle filters
— Connect to Sundstrom PAPRs SR500 and SR700
— Connect to fixed supplied-air system
— Wide, curved self-demist visor
— Twin exhalation valves
— Use with in-mask SmallTalk voice communication

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SR700 Particle PAPR

With full face mask and appropriate clothing, the SR700 is ideal for demolition work and asbestos sanitation

Sundstrom's SR700 is a PAPR (Powered Air-Purifying Respirator) for particles only.

Attach two Sundstrom high-efficiency P3 particle, and you're set to work in most situations involving coarse and fine dust, fibres, aerosols, oil mist, water spray, mould, bacteria and even viruses.

The light-weight fan unit has two speeds, long operation time, and carries an Ingress Protection factor of IP67.

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New modular respirator

SR900: multiple connections

SR 900 is a completely new system where the user can easily customise the product based on site requirement and needs. The respirator can be easily configured for filters, PAPR, supplied air, as well as a remote filter holder mounted on the waist belt.

WELDERS: The remote filter holder lets you wear a respirator under your welding shield AND breathe clean filtered air from behind your back.

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Watch how the SR900 fits

Get all the SR900 possible configurations in a single animated YouTube movie

The SR900 modular respirator is SO modular that it may seem hard to grasp all the possibilities. This YouTube clip demonstrates the entire system in a simple, visual, easy-to-grasp film.

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