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Clear the air!

The Sundström SR99 compressed air filter makes raw air supply into clean, safe, odour-free breathing-quality air

— Removes oil, water, pollutants and smells
— Heavy-duty filters: 2 x P3 (particles) and 1 x A3 (organic gas & vapour)
— Up to 3 outlets (breathing air or tool air) 
— Robust, rugged construction
— Stand on floor or mount on wall
— Water & oil trap before filter
— Easy to change filter
— Filter lasts up to 6 months

Check out Sundström SR99 —>

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Reel it out

Our supplied air hoses now come in PVC. Just name what length you want.

— PVC material
— Specially engineered for supplied air systems
— Thoroughly tested
— Dual-action safety couplings
— Available in various lengths

Find out about EPDM and PVC air hoses —>

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Regulate your breathing

The Sundström SR307 supplied air regulator can be used with half masks, full face masks, hoods and more.

Many Sundström half masks and full face masks can be fitted with compressed air attachments, rendering them positive pressure respirators. Using the adapter attachment means that no permanent modifications are necessary — the attachment fits like a filter. The SR307 is also used with the SR63 supplied-air hood.

Find out more —>

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Watch how the SR900 fits

Get all the SR900 possible configurations in a single animated YouTube movie

The SR900 modular respirator is SO modular that it may seem hard to grasp all the possibilities. This YouTube clip demonstrates the entire system in a simple, visual, easy-to-grasp film.

Find out more —>

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