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NEW! SR570 face shield

Sundström's new supplied-air face shield connects directly to the SR500 or SR700 PAPRs, or to a fixed supplied air system through a regulator  

— Use with Sundström PAPR or fixed air supply 
— Quick-release super-flex hose 
— New adjustable head harness
— Flip-up visor: easy to replace
— Internal airflow deflection
— Optional neck-cape and bump-cap
— Earmuff slots

Check out the Sundström SR570 face shield —>

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SR510 particle filter

High-efficiency P3 filter for ALL types of wet and dry particles.  

Use in ALL industry types!

One filter for all kinds of wet and dry particles, such as SILICA dust, COAL dust, ASBESTOS fibres, LEAD fume, OIL mist, MOULD and GERMS, even VIRUSES

— Each filter tested TWICE during manufacture for 99.997% filtration efficiency
— 1,300 square centimetres filter area
— Very low breathing resistance
— Combine with Sundström gas filters

The Sundström SR510 P3 particle filter —>

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System thinking

The Sundström SR510 high-efficiency particle filter: one filter — many connections

Why complicate things? The Sundström SR510 P3 high-efficiency particle filter can be used in all Sundström respirators, such as half masks, full face masks, remote filter holders, and powered air-purifying respirators (PAPR) — alone or combined with gas filters. Same filter, same design, same fitting, same superior level of protection.
Sundström's system is practical, simple, and cost-efficient. 

The Sundström system —>

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The important pre-filter

Low cost — high priority

The Sundström pre-filter fits wherever Sundström main filters fit: particle and gas filters alike. The pre-filter not only sorts out coarse particles before they hit the main filter, but greatly extends the life of the main filter. That makes the pre-filter a great safety component, as well as a significant cost-saver.

Sundström pre-filter —>

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