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Everything from light-weight nuisance-dust respirators to heavy-duty compressed-air equipment for highly toxic environments.
— Face masks
— Hoods & face shields
— Filters
— PAPR fans
— Escape hoods
— Kit boxes
— Supplied-air equipment

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Total protection for first responders, emergency management personnel, fire investigation, rescue squads, SAS teams, police and health professionals and others working in potentially highly dangerous locations.
— Respirators
— Suits
— CBRN filters

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A range of respirators and other products for a wide variety of industrial applications.
— Face masks
— Filters
— High-power PAPR
— Protection kits
— Battery management
— Supplied-air pro

Trellchem product menu Trellchem product menu

Protective suits in various designs and materials, providing complete body protection in the most hazardous situations.
— Encapsulated
— Non-encapsulated
— SCBA & supplied air
— Training suits
— Suit testing kits

Interspiro product menu Interspiro product menu

Breathing apparatus and associated equipment for demanding jobs where not even supplied-air equipment is enough.
— Face masks
— Air cylinders
— Harnesses
— Non-return regulators
— Speech diaphragms

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Solo Rescue is a decontamination washing machine for personal protection equipment, including:
— BA sets:
— Cylinders
— Face pieces
— Helmets 
— Gloves 
— Boots

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