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SE-RDA Respiratory Data Analyser


Real-time recording of breathing

Quantitative measuring of mask wearer's breathing

The SE-RDA is a portable instrument that analyses real-time respiratory flow rate and air pressure inside a respirator while fitted to a person. The device is used on location during normal work, continuously recording each breath at a rate of 50 samples per second for up to 12 hours.


— Captures multiple breathing parameters in real time.
— Can be used to measure human breathing during any activity.
— Monitoring can be done on negative-pressure masks, PAPR and breathing apparatus.
— Does not affect breathing resistance or interfere with the airflow through the mask.
— No advanced technical skills required.
— Powered by three AAA batteries.
— Can be connected to Sundström masks without any permanent modifications.
— Can be used with Powered Air- Purifying Respirators (PAPR).
— Download collected data to computer.

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