Demand PAPR

Technologically advanced

The SE400 series fan-supplied respirator does all the hard work of breathing for you by using a fan to draw contaminated air through the filters. This means that all the extra work of breathing is done by the respirator, and there is no extra workload placed on your lungs. In non-powered devices, this extra work can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, raised pulse, higher blood pressure, increased body temperature, and a sense of discomfort.


— True positive pressure at 400 litres/minute
— Breath-responsive demand operation
— 50% less filter consumption than continuous-flow fans
— Loud and clear voice communication
— Single-button operation
— Microprocessor-controlled motor
— Continuous self-diagnostics
— Extensive range of protective suits and hoods
— Wide range of practical accessories

Available information:
Image High mobility
Image Pressurised suits
Image 400 litres/minute
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