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Data Sheet: Sundström SR500ex

Intrinsically safe PAPR

Intrinsically safe (i.e. for use in explosive or ignitable atmospheres) battery-powered, fan-assisted air-purifying respirator that can be used as an alternative to negative-pressure filter respirators where these are recommended. This applies particularly to extended periods of hard work in warm conditions. The fan can be used with certain Sundström hoods, face shields or full face masks. The fan unit is fitted with a suitable filter, and the filtered air is fed through a hose to the facepiece.


— Intrinsically safe
— Single-button operation
— Visible and audible alarms in case of interrupted air delivery
— NiMh battery
— Up to 6.5 hours' operation
— Approximately 2 hours' recharge time
— Supplied with 2 filters/combinations
— Can be used with hoods (SR520, SR530, SR561, SR562), shield SR540ex, or full face mask SR200

Visual display

— Normal operation
— Boost fan operation
— Dip in air flow/clogged particle filters
— Battery low
— Air flow obstruction

Air flow rate

— 175 l/min (normal operation)
— 225 l/min (boost operation)


13.5 V, 2.1 Ah, NiMh

Operating time

— Normal mode: 6.5 h with P3 filter
— Boost mode: 4 h with P3 filter

Temperature range

— Operation: –10°C to +40°C at <90% RH
— Storage: –20°C to +40°C at <90% RH

Low flow warning

<175 l/min

Filter thread

Rd 44 x 1/7"


With battery and P3 particle filter: 1,840 g

Protection factors

— With hoods and shields: 200 (TH3)
— With full face mask: 1,000 (TH3)

Intrinsically safe classification

(The IECEx symbol for explosion risk)

II 2 G Ex ib IIA T3(with SR540 shield or SR200 full face mask with polycarbonate visor)
 II 2 G Ex ib IIB T3(with SR520, SR530, SR561, SR562 or full face mask SR200 with glass visor)
 II 2 D Ex ibD 21 T195°C(with any of the above)

IIEquipment group (explosive atmosphere other than mines)
2 GEquipment category (2=high protection level, zone 1, G=gas)
2 DEquipment category (2=high protection level, zone 21, D=dust)
ExExplosion protected
ib/ibDType of ignition protection (intrinsic safety)
IIAExplosion group Propane
IIBExplosion group Ethylene
21Zone with combustible dust
T3Temperature class, gas (+200°C max, surface temperature)
T195°CTemperature class, dust (+195°C max, surface temperature)
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