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Data Sheet: Sundström SR700

Particles-only PAPR

Battery-powered, fan-assisted air-purifying particle filter respirator that can be used as an alternative to negative-pressure filter respirators where these are recommended. This applies particularly to extended periods of hard work in warm conditions. NOTE: This respirator is for PARTICLES ONLY and must not be fitted with gas filters. The fan can be used with Sundström hoods, face shields or full face masks. The fan unit is fitted with two particle filters, and the filtered air is fed through a hose to the facepiece.


— Lithium-ion batteries (two types) with a useful life of 500 recharging cycles
— Standard (STD) battery SR701 and Heavy Duty (HD) battery SR702
— Battery recharge time: approximately 2 h
— Supplied with 2 high-efficiency P3 particle filters
— Operating time >6 h (normal), 4 h (boost)
— Single control for on, off and operating status
— Automatic air flow control
— Can be used with hood, shield or full face mask

Visual display

— Normal operation
— Boost fan operation
— Dip in air flow/clogged particle filters
— Battery low
— Air flow obstruction

Air flow rate

— 175 l/min (normal operation)
— 225 l/min (boost operation)


STD: 14.4 V, 2.25 Ah, lithium-ion, energy density* 30.4 Wh (7.6 Wh/cell)
HD: 14.4 V, 3.5 Ah, lithium ion, energy density* 50.88 Wh (12.72 Wh/cell)
*) Energy density refers to new generation batteries — available late 2021

Operating time

— Normal mode: >6 h
— Boost mode: 4 h

Temperature range

Operation: –10°C to +55°C at <90% RH
Storage: –20°C to +40°C at <90% RH

Low flow warning

<175 l/min

Filter thread

Rd 44 x 1/7"


1,100 g with battery and particle filters

IP rating

IP67 (Ingress Protection)
Particles: 6 — protected against all dust — 'dust-tight'
Liquids: 7 — protected against immersion for 30 minutes in water to a depth of 1 metre

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