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The S.E.A. Group was first established in Sydney in 1984.
In a marketplace that at the time was relatively weak in the field of personal respiratory protection, the company began a vigorous campaign to increase awareness of occupational health in general and respiratory protection in particular. Through discerning selection of only superior respiratory protection equipment and a massive investment in an extensive knowledge base for its customers, S.E.A. has become a premier name in the field of industrial respiratory protection.
In the past ten years, the S.E.A. group has entered the international arena as a manufacturer of the world’s first high performance positive pressure demand equipment, specially designed for domestic preparedness and emergency response operations. S.E.A. offices and distributor networks are located in Australia, Europe and North America. The company also has a strong marketing presence in Asia, including Taiwan and Singapore.
S.E.A. has received the highly regarded Australian BRW/Price-Waterhouse business award several times in recognition of its astute management, superior service and high quality products. The Australian branch of the company became Australian Standards Quality Endorsed/ISO9002 approved in 1993 — one of the first safety companies in Australia to achieve this status. In addition, SEA has been an active member of the Australian Standards Committee since 1985. In recent years, the company has played a significant role in several work groups within ISO, the International Standards Organisation.

Education, information, support

The company has built up a strong knowledge base both in terms of human resources and information material. In many places, company representatives are required to pass a comprehensive authorisation training program. Post-sales facilities include training programs, individual fit testing, access to the S.E.A. chemical database of hazardous substances, an extensive up-to-date library, the latest research reports, and extensive web-based resources — for instance, most S.E.A. training programs are available on the company’s web site.
In-house testing and service facilities S.E.A. incorporates a well-equipped test laboratory and service workshop, run by a team of highly qualified personnel. These facilities contribute not only to quality checking, service and repairs, but also to the possibility of custom-building equipment for customers with specific needs.

Research and development

The SE-shield system of positive pressure demand respirators, communication equipment, protective suits, and accompanying safety management software has been entirely developed, designed and manufactured by S.E.A. Sophisticated engineering facilities, test laboratories, tool workshops, manufacturing plant, and assembly and packaging rooms are kept in-house. This means that design, quality schemes and manufacturing processes are completely within the company’s control.

International recognition

The SE40x series of respirators, designed and manufactured by S.E.A., has achieved worldwide recognition for its performance in domestic preparedness and emergency situations — including exposure to a wide range of warfare agents. It has been issued with NATO Stock Numbers, and has been adopted as an important respiratory protective device by specialist defence and emergency units in many countries, including Taiwan, Greece and the USA. In Australia, almost 1,000 units have been allocated to various emergency groups in all states. Similarly, a number of fire brigades, police forces, ambulance and rescue organisations, health and medical units and specialist defence teams have opted for the equipment.
The equipment has been given Australian Standards approvals, is manufactured according to strict ISO9002 quality control, and also has NIOSH (USA) and INSPEC (EU) approvals.

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