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Disposable single-use battery (B3)


Just in case

Use and discard

The disposable B3 battery is designed for use where battery management or maintenance is impractical or impossible. It does not replace regular rechargeable batteries, but can be a suitable option for certain situations, such as:
— Electricity supply for recharging is unreliable or non-existent
— Very intermittent or rare need for batteries
— Fresh batteries always required for immediate use
— Battery maintenance is unwanted
The B3 battery is intended for a single use. If used for a second time, there is no way of knowing the battery's power output or how long it will last.


It is impossible to give advice as to the life span of a battery or when a battery will lose its usefulness. There are simply too many variables to give such advice, such as mode of use, storage, work load, number of recharges, frequency of recharges, normal chemical changes within the battery cells, and many more. The warranty on a battery covers manufacturing faults of components and workmanship; it does not cover the actual performance or output of the battery over time.

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