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Sundström SR500ex PAPR


Intrinsically safe

For work in many ignitable or explosive atmospheres

The intrinsically safe Sundström SR500ex powered air purifying respirator designed and approved for use in explosive or ignitable atmospheres. It is an alternative to negative-pressure filter respirators in situations where these are recommended. The fan-assisted air flow may be of benefit during extended periods of work in warm conditions. The fan can be used with most Sundström hoods, face shields or full face masks. It is important to understand that the entire SR500ex system and its individual parts have been certified as intrinsically safe.


— Intrinsically safe
— Single-button operation
— Visible and audible alarms in case of interrupted air delivery
— NiMh battery
— Up to 6.5 hours' operation
— Approximately 2 hours' recharge time
— Supplied with 2 filters/cartridges/combinations
— Can be used with hoods (SR580, SR520, SR530, SR561, SR562, SR601, SR602), shield SR540ex, or full face mask SR200

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