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Sundström SR77-3 escape hood


Chem/smoke escape hood

Protect your lungs and eyes

Emergency escape hoods are vacuum sealed and often stored in handy packs in an easily accessible location for rapid use. The hood is easily fitted in a single action without practice or training. The respirator and hood provides short-term protection against a variety of substances during evacuation of a building or other emergency procedures.


— Made from flame retardant and chemical resistant material
— Incorporates a silicone half mask with a gas and particle filter that provides protection from smoke, fume, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases that may be generated in a fire
— Available in two sizes
— Easy to put on, and does not require any adjustment
— Sewn and taped seams
— Large anti-fog-treated visor
— Supplied in a vacuum-sealed container with a storage life of 10 years
— Silicone neck seal
— Supplied in a handy nylon contingency bag

Available information:
Image Rapid, safe escape
Image Easy fit – no training
Image Handy readiness pouch
Image Long shelf life
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